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Looking For Art

Hey everyone, I’m looking for some artwork to use as a hand-out in a D&D game.  My google-fu is failing me, so I thought maybe I’d crowd source it.  If you can help, I’m looking for an image (either photo or drawing) of a door into a crypt.  Bonus points for any/all of the following:

  • Intricate carvings – the more detail the better
  • Leering demon faces / gargoyles / fantastic beasts
  • Mysterious writing (runes, ancient language, but preferably not something actually legible)

I figured it was such a trope it would be easy to find, but my searches so far are failing me.  Who has something good?

Ruins of Glitterdeep

Hey everyone, just wanted to share the release of my latest project, Ruins of Glitterdeep!  It’s a Puzzle / RPG hybrid, where you lay dungeon tiles to build a dungeon and move your dwarven delver around in search of treasure.  Upgrade your dwarf with better stats and new tiles with unique abilities to solve ever harder dungeons and defeat more powerful enemies.  Check it out at!

D&D Radio Show

A really nice find over at Playing at the World, I had no idea this existed.

The D&D Radio Show Pilot

EDIT: Just finished listening to it.  Really it’s highlights punctuated by analysis from Jon Peterson, which actually makes it even more interesting in my mind.  That said, the actual action of the radio show is about the best presentation of D&D play of anything from the era in my opinion.  It’s a shame it didn’t catch on, and instead we ended up with stuff like the D&D cartoon and a terrible series of movies.

Books and Movies

Dungeons & Dragons 2: Electric Bugaloo

Dungeons & Dragons 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jenn and I recently watched the second Dungeons & Dragons movie.    We didn’t see it when it came out because, let’s be honest, the first one was truly awful.  Poor Jeremy Irons, how did they make him do that?  But anyway, I was re-reading my copy of Cheers Gary and someone asked his opinion of the movie and he was generally favorable towards it.  More importantly though, he ragged on the first one, enough that made me think that just maybe if Gary didn’t think the second was awful that it might not be so bad.

That was the general response I remember of it: it wasn’t as bad as the first.  And honestly, that’s what I came away with too.  That’s a pretty low bar, so let me be more specific.  The FX are pretty bad, the overall production value is not great, and the actors are not fantastic.  The script is mediocre, but as a D&D nerd, I can say at least they got the general feel correct.  Specifically I rather liked how much they beat the crap out of the characters.  Out of the five members of the party, only two made it back whole.  With a permanent death and a limb loss, it did rather feel like one of my games.

Critical Failures

Coincidentally, Audible recently recommended Critical Failures by Robert Brevan, and as I like to have something to listen to on my commute I picked it up.  It’s really quite good.  The humor can sometimes border on the puerile, but I think this is more a reflection on the characters he’s lampooning.  They read just like tons of gamers I’ve met in the past, and it makes it that much easier to delight in their misfortune.

The trope of gamers getting magically sucked into the world they play in is well trodden, and ultimately I think Joel Rosenberg did it best in his Guardians of the Flame series, but I think Bevan provides a pretty fresh take on it.  It’s a light book and sadly doesn’t really resolve, or not so sadly if you like it enough to purchase the numerous sequels and spin-offs there appear to be.  Definitely worth a read.