More and more I discover little oddities in Labyrinth Lord that differ from B/X D&D in a troubling way.  I’m getting down to minor details now, but they still rub me the wrong way enough that I’m contemplating switching to just straight B/X with a list of house rules rather than continue trying to support LL.  My latest qualm: the weapon list.  Here’s a quick comparison I wrote with the changes highlighted:

Labyrinth Lord Damage BX BX Damage (if different)
Axe, battle* d8 Battle Axe*
Axe, hand d6 Hand Axe
Club d4 Club
Crossbow, heavy d8
Crossbow, light d6 Crossbow
Dagger d4 Dagger
Dagger, silver d4 Silver dagger
Dart d4
Flail d6
Flail, heavy* d8
Hammer, light d4
Hammer, war* d6 War Hammer
Javelin d6 Javelin d4
Lance d6 Lance
Longbow d8 Long Bow d6
Mace d6 Mace
Morningstar* d6
Pick, heavy* d8
Pick, light d6
Pole Arm* d10 Pole Arm*
Quarterstaff* d6 Staff* d4
Scimitar d8
Shortbow d6 Short Bow
Sling d4 Sling
Spear d6 Spear
Sword, long d8 Sword (normal)
Sword, bastard** d8/2d4
Sword, short d6 Short Sword
Sword, two-handed d10 Two-handed Sword*
Trident d6

* = Two Handed

Most of the weapons that Labyrinth Lord adds I could do without.  Really, when is the last time you saw a player character running around with a trident or a heavy pick?  Why on earth differentiate between heavy and light pick at all?  And since when is a war hammer two handed?  I don’t mind the addition of flail and morningstar, but I also don’t mind just saying that they’re the same as a mace and leave it at that.  I suppose the heavy flail does add a two-handed cleric option that deals d8 damage.  I also kind of like the simplicity of three kind of swords: normal, short, and two-handed.  Do I really need a bastard sword and a scimitar?

I understand the addition of the dart and quarterstaff (though granted the Expert rules add Staff, at least they have the sense to drop it to a d4 damage) — to give some more options to magic-users.  Not that the text ever says as much, we’re left to interpret that from the statement that they can “only use light weapons such as a dagger”.  I kind of prefer the heavier restriction of daggers only.  I imagine magic-users get no training with weapons at all, thus grab for the most simple and primal weapon – a knife.  I don’t mind the image of the old greybeard wizard leaning on his magic staff, nor even using the staff to call for magical powers, but when he starts whirling it about like a ninja to crack skulls is where you start to lose me.

Anyway, this is all minor quibbles to be sure, but it’s yet another area in the text that I want to revert to pure B/X, as I already did for armor, XP progression, and spells.  I’m really starting to wonder: is it worth retaining the LL link at all?