Jenn just mentioned as an aside on her blog the existence of a room where she works that is called “Treasure Hall”, and her disappointment that it did not contain a sleeping dragon atop a pile of treasure.  Brilliant!  I’m so excited by this I had to write my own post rather than just replying to hers.

I feel the immediate need to create a room in a dungeon somewhere with a placard on it that says “Treasure Hall”.  I have a million ideas for what might be inside, and none of them are treasure.  The very idea of disingenuous signage in a dungeon I find really thrilling.  Perhaps a series of signs that point in a direction for the “Exit”, that ultimately lead in a circle.  Or perhaps a four-way intersection with a sign post full of labels in every direction but which is loose in its hole and spins easily.  Are any of the labels pointing in the right direction?  Who knows!

There’s a part of Stone Hell where there’s a signpost that points in the direction of a “Dragon” that ultimately only leads to the den of a rather large lizard.  The kobolds who write the sign may simply not know any better, but it’s sure to scare a bunch of first level characters, the level the area is targeted at.  Not my players though, they busted right in and were disappointed to find it was just a large lizard.

Hmm, now I want to make a dungeon that contains a room with a dragon.  Perhaps with a sign on front that says “Treasure Hall”.