Because it amuses me, here is the current death toll of my game:


  Name Details Controlled By Cause of Death
1 Liam O’Gara 2nd level Elf Ranger Player: JA Mauled by a Mountain Lion
2 Grut 1st level Dwarf Fighter Player: MW Killed by Kobolds
3 Strang the Unlucky 1st level Human Fighter Henchman being controlled by Player: JA Killed by Hobgoblins
4 Melchior of the Three Fingers 2nd level Human Fighter Henchman Killed by Troglodytes
5 Koode Dood 2nd level Human Magic-User Player: MS Face severed by evil faries
6 Talen-Zin 3rd level Human Magic-User Henchman Killed by evil faries
7 Fedyeka the Bastard 1st level Human Fighter Henchman Poison needle trap
8 Kashiim 3rd level Human Fighter Player: MW Digested by a gelatinous cube
9 Elif Gooten 2nd level Halfling Magic-User Henchman being controlled by Player: MB Petrified by Medusa
10 Yogund Fruze 4th level Human Paladin Player: MB Poison by bite of Medusa’s hair
11 Gentleman Jack Getz 4th level Human Thief Player: JA Killed by party after turning into a were-boar
12 Janse Marlense 1st level Human Ranger Player: MB Killed by Brigands
13 Evynd Knifewielder 1st level Human Fighter Henchman Left for dead in a brigand lair
14 Motya Karamazov 1st level Human Fighter Henchman Lava breath of an animate statue
15 Ure of the Evening Eye 1st level Human Fighter Henchman Lava breath of an animate statue
16 Prince Te’Waharoa 1st level Human Fighter Player: JA Lava breath of an animate statue
17 Hare Sarlicsson 1st level Human Thief Henchman Poisonous gas inhalation
18 The Man with No Name (Klint) Level 4/1 Human Thief/Magic-User Player: PA Poisonous gas inhalation
19 Deacon Silver Level 5 Human Cleric Player: BJ Bitten by poisonous spider
20 Blood Mallet Level 2 Human Fighter Player: DD Eaten by a ghoul
21 Kellen Level 2 Human Fighter Player: JA Fed poison potion by own party while paralyzed
22 Thrain Fireknife Level 1 Human Fighter Henchman Killed by flaming zombie
23 Atseden the Fastidious Level 1 Dwarf Fighter Henchman Crushed by the hammer of an animate statue
24 Ozmo Level 2/1 Halfling Magic-User/Fighter Player: MM Died looking up at two descending Gargoyles
25 Bloodmallet Level 4 Human Fighter Henchman Stung by a Wyvern
26 Kellen Level 3 Human Fighter Henchman controlled by Player: MM Decapitated in fire ball blast (friendly fire)
27 Achlor, Rasheed, and Brand the Mace Normal Humans and Level 1 Human Thief Henchmen Frozen by the breath of a white dragon
28 Bazil the Dancing Sorcerer Level 6 Human Magic-User Player: MW Bisected by a Frost Giant
29 Yel Level 1 Human Fighter Player: MW Eviscerated by zombies
30 Bjorn Bigflask Level 1 Halfling Fighter Player: RV Cored by gray ooze
31 T. Walker Level 2 Human Ranger Player: SS Poisoned by giant spider bite
32 Emrys Level 4 Elf Magic-User/Fighter Player: MM Disturbed yellow mold once too often
33 Emrys Level 4 Elf Magic-User/Fighter Player: MM Over-charged a wand of magic missiles
34 Raede Level ? Elf Magic-User/Fighter RL Killed by horde of skeletons
35 Savin Level ? Elf Magic-User/Thief Player: RV Died alone on the road of Lycanthropy
36 Sir Thom Level 6 Human Paladin Player: JD Beheaded by a demon
37 Aweirgan Level 4 Human Paladin Player: NP Beaten to death by confused party member
38 Post Normal Human Henchman Stung by giant flies in the Red Swamp
39 Bloodcleaver and Jeb Human Berserker and Norman Human Henchmen Exsanguinated by stirges
40 Klaus Normal Human Henchman Bitten by a giant centipede
41 Drummian Level 1 Elf Cleric Player: JD Eaten by a phase spider

I think that’s roughly in the order it happened.  As for explanation of the henchmen controlled by players, originally the idea was simply to allow the players to take over a henchman as their primary character if their primary character died.  This extended naturally through play to also use them if a primary character was in some way incapacitated.  Rather than sit out for the session while your guy is paralyzed, why not control the henchman for a little while?  This practice has not proven healthy for the poor henchmen.

Oh, also, the two unknown deaths.   Currently the players are on a quest to find out exactly what happened to those two.  They went off on their own and never returned, so it’s a mystery to the rest of the party.  Quite literally too, as I had the player play a private session to figure out what did become of them, and that player no longer plays with us at all (for unrelated reasons), so the group really has no clue what happened.

EDIT: I have bolded the names of those characters who were later Raised from the Dead by the party after their death.