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Almost There

I’ve been toying with the site all day today, and I think I’m pretty happy with it at this point. It could probably use a better title bar though. It seems oddly heavy. Not sure what to do about that though, I may be able to tweak existing CSS, but I’m no artist.

Christmas Photos

I’m still playing with look of this blog, so don’t get too tied to the theme yet.  However, I wanted to get a post up with pictures so I had some real content to play with.  In this transition of my blog, I started re-thinking its purpose.  When I first created the blog, I was mostly focused on having a place to keep my photos.  Recently, it’s much more of a gaming blog.  In the future, who knows what I’ll want to post about?

I’ve decided not to care.  This is my blog, and I’ll post whatever I darn well feel like.  I’m going to keep it super generic.  Sometimes I’ll post about gaming.  Sometimes I’ll post my family pictures, which I’m sure the gamers reading this blog couldn’t care less about.  I’m sorry if this bothers any readers, but I realized that ultimately there’s really only one reader I want to cater to: myself.

I like posting about gaming because it forces me to better formulate my thoughts, kind of like thinking out loud.  I like posting pictures so that I have URLs I can easily pass around, or just have them saved somewhere easy for me to go back and look at.  And sometimes, I just like skimming back through my old blog entries purely for the nostalgia of it.  I make no excuses, you’re welcome to come along for the ride, but this blog is really just for me.

And so, I give you some pictures I took last Christams.  Enjoy.

…and in with the New

Here it is, my new blog.  As you can see, I’ve switched to WordPress.  I used WordPress once in the past for a short-lived podcast I was creating.  I liked it fine, though my problem has always been with the photo gallery support.  It appears now though that there’s a very good gallery plugin that seems to suite my needs just fine.  I’ll post some pictures soon so you can all check it out.

In the meantime, please note the URL changes.  Since the RSS URL had to change anyway, I decided to create a new domain name for my blog and ditch the DH pseudonym entirely.  It was kind of silly to start with, and it also lets me keep the old blog up for posterity without much difficulty.

Anyway, the new main URL:

And the RSS Link is:

Please update your links as necessary.  My old blog lasted 5 years before I had to make this switch, here’s hoping this one lasts at least as long.

EDIT: Anyone looking for the old blog can find it here: