professor 003
Hands down, DAUGHTER LAUGHTER is Binkystick's third album.
The experimental jams are all but gone in favor for more deftly-produced mini-masterpieces. There are still enough instrumentals and wacky covers to satisfy the fans, though.
For the third time in as many albums, we end on an epic of epic proportions ( I need a thesaurus) with "I Hate It When My Testicles Pop." The title says it all, really. And just so you don't go back into the world shaking, we calm you down with Auld Lang Syne...beautiful.
This time I allowed another to share the spotlight of the cover. After all, who can stand the beauty of my face for three albums? Besides, they needed a daughter, and with my busy schedule, I don't even have a girlfriend!
The trilogy is complete. Where else is there to go? Brian Wilson chose madness. Kurt Cobain chose death. Metallica chose soulless commercialism. What could be next for Binkystick?



(click on a blue title for a wonderous mp3 song!)
Return To Moonbase Io
Shiitake Shake
Interlude #1
I Can't Grow A Beard
Bernie's Pfat Jig
Rubber Baby Buggy Boogie
Interlude #2
Too Much Fun (I Quit)
Little Packets Of Love
Interlude #3
Big Plate Of Beef
Boy In Love
The Last Pie
Surfin' For Burgers
Lazlo: A Cautionary Tale
Interlude #4
The Fonz Made Me Spill My Coffee
Cordially Yours...
Interlude #5
Naughty Panther
I Hate It When My Testicles Pop
Auld Lang Syne