professor 001

BAKED NAKED is, without question, Binkystick's first album.
Originally released in 1994, the cassette came with an original, numbered, hand-designed binkystick.
The cover and the title are both proof of Binkystick's love for me. Photographed in a stark, uncompromising, fully-nude pose, the cover recalls John and Yoko's "Two Virgins" album.
The music inside, while not quite as mind-numbing as the Lennons', is very experimental. Most of the songs are radically altered cover songs, bizarre instrumentals and/or stories set to music.
Overall, this album captures the wide spectrum of Binkystick. On this one album, you will find pop, punk, funk, humor, rap, and indescribable musicianship.
When I first heard this album, I said to myself, "Bernie, this is a band with some great ideas and way too much free time!"
I knew from then on that Binkystick was to be my life.



(click on a grey title for a wonderous mp3 sound clip!)
Ronald, You Some Slammy Dancer!
Billy Killed A Clown
Come To Me
The Cop Song
My Walk
500 Big Chunky Dolphins
Wild Thing
Monkey Nipples
Say It All
Basic Wiring
Mangled Insect Screams
Tushie Burp
Come Back To Me (blah,blah,blah)
My Fat Mistress
When Johnny Comes
How Could You?
The Trees (They Don't Talk To Me)
I Hate My Neighbors
Just One
Shiny Bald Men
The Chickens
La Bamba
I'm A Little Prairie Flower
Creepy Sleepy Song
Where's Steve?